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Help in managing your rural property is usually not too far away. The main challenge is knowing who to contact and where to start in tracking down the answers to your questions. This website is an excellent place to start. It will provide you with answers or direct you to sources with expertise in the topics you are interested in.

Stewardship in Ontario

Where's Your Property?

Some new mapping tools have been developed in Ontario to help landowners map their own properties. By selecting which layers are visible on the map, you can see your property’s special features and learn about the wider landscape in which your property is situated. The maps can be saved and printed for your own use.

Make a Topographic Map
Agriculture Information Atlas

Have a Property in Rural Ontario?

Nature In Deed® is a portal to a wide range of information and resources about living in a rural environment. You'll find links to people and resource agencies who can provide information on just about any property-related question you may have.

If you've never owned a property with a well or a septic system, where do you learn healthy ways to maintain them? If you're looking for information about managing your woodlot, about living with wildlife, about altering your shoreline or about starting up a small farm, we've done the research for you. If you want to talk to someone who has an understanding about specific local issues, then click on the link below for 'Who Can You Call for Help?'

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